Fr Peter Serracino Inglott memorial lecture

A Dialogue Between Faith and Art is the theme of a public lecture to be held in honour of the memory of Fr Peter Serracino Inglott, at the cinema at St James Cavalier, Valletta, on Tuesday at 7.30pm.

The lecture is being organised by the Jesuits in Malta with the support of Fondation de Malte, as part of the contemporary art and faith project ReVisit ā€“ The Contemporary Face of Faith, currently running in the capital.

The lecture will be a live dialogue on faith and art between Vince Briffa, curator of ReVisit ā€“ The Contemporary Face of Faith and head of the Department of Digital Arts, Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences at the University, and guest speaker Fr Daniel Le Blond, SJ, visiting French-Canadian Jesuit and artist.

Prof. Salvino Busuttil and his son David Raphael Busuttil, executive director of the Fondation de Malte, will introduce the lecture.

Concluding remarks will be made by Ranier Fsadni.

Entrance to the lecture is free.

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