MFA Official Year Book 2006/2007

The Publications Department of the Malta Football Association has published its official Year Book for season 2006/2007. This is a popular and informative annual publication that has gained in prestige and has now become a comprehensive and official guide to Maltese Football.

The current edition again carries a list of domestic competition winners of all Divisions throughout the years including the Youth, Women and Futsal Leagues. In addition there is a very comprehensive international section that includes results of matches played by the National ‘A’ and Under-21 teams and going down to all youth teams’ commitments.

The Annual, compiled and edited by Albert Fenech, originally incorporated official fixtures of the Association’s main competitions for the current season, but has over the years been expanded to serve as a guide to Maltese football throughout the over 100 years history of the Malta FA.

Other information includes honours won by teams in various competitions since their inception, results of Maltese teams playing in all the European matches over the years, scorers’ lists in domestic competitions, individual honours and details of most capped players and national team scorers’ lists.

The publication is a handy reference for all football followers.

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