Mediterranean myth and island history

The new book Cat Tails from Malta explores the history, cultural legacy and natural beauty of the Maltese archipelago in a fantasy story. Along the way, you meet lots of cats, dancing flower-bud fairies; Neptune, the sea god; the Luzzu fishing boat; the Pharaoh hound and Lampuki fish. The book was written for children and young-at-heart adults.

Cat Tails from Malta pays tribute to Mediterranean myth and island history through a travelogue fantasy in verse. Recently, poetry novelettes have emerged with increasing popularity for children and adults. Poetry creates increased readability and makes learning about history and culture entertaining.

In this whimsical tale, Pebbles is crowned Cat Queen because of her dazzling spots. She then greedily takes all of Malta’s treasures, including Maltese clocks, the famed Caravaggio painting, castles, Calypso’s cave and more. But Pebbles learns a valuable lesson from an unlikely source, Gattina – a modest kitten.

This book also has a “green” message, highlighting the importance of protecting and enjoying the beauties of our environment. A first of its kind in Malta, the book has also been printed in Malta with FSC sustainable forest paper. It strongly promotes Malta’s rich history, culture and natural beauty.

In these challenging times, Cat Tails from Malta presents a positive message: if we return to the basics, we find great happiness in life’s every day gifts such as family, friends, nature’s beauty, smiles and laughter.

J. Elizabeth Roche, the author, has worked in the art world for 13 years, including Carnegie Museums, Frick Art Museum and Zabriskie Gallery, NYC. The book is available in Malta by Miller Distributors Ltd.

For more information contact Roger Alexander on email:

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