Blair memoir extracts to go online
02.08.10 | Benedicte Page

Extracts from former prime minister Tony Blair’s memoir A Journey will be released on a dedicated website “immediately prior to publication”, according to publisher Random House.

The book is being given a simultaneous worldwide release on 1st September and it is understood that it will not be serialised in advance, but review copies will be sent out on the launch date.

The website – – was launched today, and will also host video content and previously unseen photographs.

Meanwhile Blair has recorded the audio version of his memoir (see photo) which will also be released on 1st September, as will the e-book. Translation rights have now been sold in 14 territories worldwide.

The book, which was originally to be called The Journey, is the third major political memoir from within New Labour’s camp released this year.

Former business secretary Peter Mandelson is currently riding in the number one spot in the hardback non-fiction chart with The Third Man (HarperCollins), after publication earlier this month, which included a serialisation in The Times and widespread news coverage.

Former spin doctor Alastair Campbell, meanwhile, released the first volume in his unexpurgated diaries Prelude to Power (Hutchinson) on 1st June, without serialisation. Reports at the time claimed Campbell had turned down offers to serialise the book as far back as Blair’s handover to Gordon Brown.

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