Stories for adolescents
Rita Grech: Eight Books for Adolescents
A Wise Owl Publication

Reviewed by Alfred Palma

It is a known fact that we Maltese are not exactly avid book readers; and it is also a fact that reading is the key to all knowledge, besides the unique thrill and satisfaction that only a good book can offer.

Fully conscious of this fact, and already established as one of the best writers today of the adolescent novel, Rita Grech has churned out eight very beautiful and captivating stories in Maltese under eight different titles: Noella, Abbie u l-ġuvni tal-beritta, Kim u l-uġigħ wara t-tbissima, Alexia, Louise, Christine, Samantha and Sorpriżi – żwieġ jew għarus ġdid?

All the above stories are as fresh and as modern as the young authoress herself. All deal with teenage girls and boys in various stages of their adolescent lives, with the attendant social, moral and emotional problems that invariably dog them and which they inevitably have to face. Surely enough, the young reader here will find something to relate to, some situation to learn from and, given the didactic overall purpose behind each story, that same young reader will benefit therefrom.

Ms Grech’s pen is colourful, replete with highly imaginative phrases and she often resorts to witty humour and light dramatic touches. All situations in the end will be hugely appealing to both adolescents and adults. Mutual understanding is imperative in all walks of life, but is particularly essential between parents and their young offspring. A little goodwill and some good soul-searching can very often solve the most difficult of problems. And solutions can be found.

These eight books provide a fantastic, intelligent and entertaining read. They are ideal for school curricula, for leisure reading at home, and for a relaxing hour between swims on the beach.

Wise Owl Publications have once again done a very good job; and they have left their unmistakable imprint on these books: beautiful clear print, impeccable Maltese and a riot of colours for the covers. As a matter of fact they have joined Ms Grech in a wonderful tribute to the most beautiful period in our lifetime: youth, so short and so beautiful, but ultimately as evanescent as a dream.

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