Living Library’ will be challenging stereotypes
Posted on June 17th, 2010

“Living Library” will be taking place on Saturday, 19th June 2010, from 18:00 CEST till 21:00 CEST in Floriana, Argotti Gardens. This Human Rights Education event is organised on the occasion of the annual World Refugee Day and will be held as part of other activities, such as fun games, painting and face painting for the kids.

“Living Library” works as any other usual library. The Reader comes to the library and borrows a Book for a period of time. When the reading time is over, the Reader places the Book back in the Library and takes another one if he or she wants. The only different between “a library” and a “Living Library” is that in this activity Books are people, so Reading is a conversation.

In the “Living Library” one will have a chance to find such Books: “Refugee”, “Black Person”, “Muslim”, “Arab”, “Lesbian”, “Human Rights Activist”, “Asylum-seeker”, “Feminist”, “Somali”, “Nigerian”, “Eastern European, “Artist” and many others.

Through sharing experiences with these people we will be challenging stereotypes give an opportunity to tackle questions that presuppose misunderstandings concerning these people.

“Living Library” offers a setting in which one can ask bothering questions to people whom you do not understand, face people whom you hear about in the media or pass jokes and comments upon in your daily life… but you have never met in person. It is a creative space where you can talk privately with those you would hardly talk in your daily life. It is a place where you can learn and understand specific situations of people considered as “different”.

“Living Library” promotes respect for Human Rights and human dignity in the wider society. Therefore, event is open for all interested – for those who want to meet with their own prejudices, for those who are ready to contribute half an hour of their time for this valuable experience.

The “Living Library” event is being organized by Migrants’ Solidarity Movement in collaboration with Organisation for Friendship in Diversity, Movement Graffitti and Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust.

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