30 old books in dire state identified – so far
by John Paul Cordina – editorial@di-ve.com
Local News — 15 June 2010 — 13:30CEST


30 historical books in urgent need of a complete restoration have been identified by the National Library so far, and it would cost approximately €30,000 to restore them, Education Minister Dolores Cristina revealed.
In a reply to a Parliamentary Question by Labour culture spokesman Owen Bonnici, Ms Cristina said that the National Library was currently in the process of collecting information on the historical books in government possession which require restoration.

So far 30 books in 6 collections have been identified, of which 27 are in French, although Ms Cristina did not state how much progress had been made in the National Library’s exercise. The library contains around 750,000 books.

20 of the books identified are a French translation of the complete works of William Shakespeare, which were published in Paris between 1776 and 1782. Each book’s restoration would cost around €1,000.

The same price tag was estimated for the restoration of 3 volumes of a French bible dictionary – the “Dictionnaire historique, critique, chronologique de la Bible” – which was written by French Benedictine monk Antoine Augustin Calmet and published in Paris in 1730. Each book’s restoration also costs €1,000.

The most expensive restorations identified so far – estimated at €1,500 per volume – are of 3 volumes, from 3 different editions, of “Dell’Istoria della Sacra Religione et Ill. Militia di San Giovanni Gierosolimitano” written by the Knights’ official historian Giacomo Bosio. They were written between 1594 and 1602, although the date of publication of the volumes concerned was not provided by the minister.

The identified books also include 3 books by Charles Irénée Castel, Abbé de Saint-Pierre, a French early enlightenment philosopher and political and economic theorist. 2 of the books are tome 1 and 2 of the “Project pour rendre la paix perpetuelle en Europe, published in Utrecht in 1713, and which each require €600 to restore, while the other book, whose restoration is estimated to cost €800, is the “Nouveau plan de Governement des États Souverains”, which was published in Rotterdam in 1762.

The final book is the “Annales de l’Empire depuis Charlemagne”, written by Voltaire and published in 1754 in Berlin. Its restoration is estimated to cost €600.

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