San Andrea invites Maltese poets

Throughout the past scholastic years, the Maltese Department at San Andrea Senior School has taken the initiative to invite many important Maltese literary figures. These include Oliver Friggieri, Lino Spiteri, Mario Azzopardi, J. J. Camilleri, Gorg Borg and Frans Sammut, among others.

This year, the Maltese Department has had the pleasure to have another two equally important Maltese writers who have given their valuable contribution to the Maltese Literature in the likes of Mario Azzopardi and Victor Fenech.

These talks are held annually so that students are given the opportunity to meet Maltese writers whose work is included in the Matsec syllabus. This enables students in Grade 11 (Form 4) and Grade 12 (Form 5) to ask questions directly to the writers whose poems have been chosen as part of the Maltese O level exam, and helps them, in no small way, to understand better the themes and concepts of these literary works. The students also got the chance to get to know the writers on a more personal level, so much so that the questions led to discussions about these writers’ works such as Iz-Zabra, Tradiment, Demghat tas-Silg and Lullaby. Both writers were happy with the students’ interest in Maltese literature.

Mr. Mauro Camilleri, the coordinator of the Maltese department, thanked Mario Azzopardi and Victor Fenech for accepting this invitation.. He also thanked Clinton Xuereb who is the Grade Tutor for Grade 12 (Form 5) and a teacher of Maltese like himself and Paul P. Borg, who was in charge of contacting the writers. Finally, he thanked the head of school, Claire Felice Pace, and the assistant head, Stephen Briffa, for their continuous support and encouragement in organising activities such as these which help keep the students at the centre of the learning process.

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