Raising awareness about Maltese poetry

Last month Poezijaplus and Klabb Kotba Maltin launched Fondazzjoni Poezija. The aim of the Foundation is to raise awareness in favour of Maltese poetry through a series of interviews in the media, publication of articles in the press and on the Internet. It is the aim of the Foundation to use every possible means available to spread the love for poetry as much as possible.

Thanks to the funds collected from its members the Foundation will be committing itself to publish at least two books of poetry annually. The books will have a uniform design in the form of a series. Each book will not exceed 64 pages. The circulation of books will depend on the number of members and a number of extra copies will be made available for sale to the public. The price of the books will be kept as low as much as possible to enable a wider circulation of Maltese poetry.

Klabb Kotba Maltin is binding itself to publish the text and will be publishing at least two books of poetry annually. This will take place subject to a decision of the jury presiding over the selection of the manuscripts, who will have discretion to decide whether or not the received manuscripts should be considered for actual publication. Klabb Kotba Maltin is shouldering the responsibility for the design of the publication and its distribution thereof.

Those interested in being involved in this iniatiative are kindly asked to pay €20 annually. All members will have the right to see the accounts of the Foundation and how the money is being utilised. At the end of every calendar year a general meeting will be called to give a detailed breakdown of accounts and to explain the direction which the Foundation has taken. Each member will have the right for his work to be published at least every five years, subject to a prior selection by the board appointed for this aim.

The aim of the two entities behind this project is to instil a better appreciation of poetry in the mother tongue.

More information and details can be obtained by sending an e-mail at sergiogrech@yahoo.com

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