UNESCO International Literacy Prize
by di-ve.com – editorial@di-ve.com
Arts & Culture — 03 June 2010 — 12:30CEST

UNESCO has just launched the call for nominations to the 2010 edition of the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes. In compliance with the United Nations Literacy Decade’s biannual calendar for 2009-2010, the special theme is “Literacy and Women’s Empowerment”.
These prestigious UNESCO Prizes are awarded to governments or governmental agencies, non-governmental organisations and, in exceptional cases, also to individuals, in recognition of innovative and successful results in the field of literacy throughout the world.

UNESCO awards 2 UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prizes and 2 UNESCO Confucius Prizes for Literacy. The King Sejong Prizes give special consideration to the development and use of mother tongue languages, while the Confucius Prizes for Literacy give special consideration to literacy for people in rural areas and out-of-school youth.

At the international ceremony organised by UNESCO on International Literacy Day (September 8) at UNESCO Headquarters, the 4 winners will receive a monetary award, a silver medal and a diploma each.

Literacy and empowerment is the 2009/2010 theme of the United Nations Literacy Decade. Thus the call for candidatures will particularly welcome innovative and successful literacy projects and programmes that specifically promote women’s empowerment in the social, economic and political dimensions.

Application forms and further information is available through the website of the Maltese National Commission for UNESCO at http://www.unescomalta.org.

Applicants’ files should reach the UNESCO Secretariat no later than June 15, 2010.

Applicants are highly encouraged to send their files in electronic format.

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