IQ… Idjomi u Qwiel

Charles Daniel Saliba has recently launched two new books: Idjomi Maltin għal studenti għaqlin and Qwiel Maltin għal studenti ħabrikin. These student-friendly books are intended to help students cover the idioms and proverbs studied from Form 1 up to Form 5 in a straightforward, comprehensible fashion with plenty of examples and details. These books include idioms and proverbs collected under different themes in accordance with the Education Division Syllabus and the SEC syllabus; definition of each proverb or idiom; the use of each proverb or idiom in a sentence; various exercises catering for all levels; a guide to address the most grammatical errors and different models which can be used to improve the orthography. As expected these books follow the latest developments in Maltese orthography.

The books are currently on sale in bookshops or from the website For more information please contact Book Distributers Ltd via email on; 2138 0351 / 2138 0352, or visit their shop in 13, Triq Giorgio Preca, San Ġwann, SGN 07.

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