Students’ work for MCAST library

Art and Design students have teamed up under the guidance of ceramics lecturer George Muscat to work on the design and production of an original ceramics mural to be displayed in the third floor of the MCAST Library at the Main Campus, aiming to embellish the library area.

Five years ago, National Diploma students had worked on another project for the library, with the final piece in ceramics mounted on a stainless steel base, still being the jewel in the library in terms of visual arts. This year, it was a group of students following the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design who were entrusted with this challenging task.

The project took off on the initiative of MCAST Library Manager Lawrence Zerafa, who together with the Director of the Institute of Art and Design, Stephen Vella, briefed the students and gave them the opportunity to unleash their creative abilities. The brief revolved around having the library, and other campus elements, inspire ideas which could then be developed into a mural representation.

Following a thorough brainstorming and idea generation session, the main theme which emerged was that of the library as a container of heaps of knowledge and sources of inspiration for its users. Eventually, the mural was entitled the ‘Tree of Knowledge’, and was designed in such a way as to be produced out of 50 ceramic elements, mounted individually on a five-metre wall space, to make up one whole artwork.

The mural was prevalently produced in a range of ceramics techniques. However, the use of other materials, such as glass, was introduced to create a range of attractive contrasts, which blended effectively with the primary medium. With green predominating as the universal representation of nature, colours play an important role in the overall composition, while the natural hue of the terracotta was duly respected and left to transpire in different areas of mural.

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