Holy Spirit Conference

Publication of two new books

Anthony Zarb-Dimech


The second Holy Spirit Conference was held at the Phoenicia Hotel, Valletta last month.

It was organised by the River of Love Fellowship in conjunction with seven other Christian fellowships and addressed by Pastor Sophocles Christodoulou, replacing Pastor Tom Brown who was not able to travel due to the volcanic ash.

Pastor Sophocles is the senior pastor of the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, Limassol, Cyprus (www.acojc.com). Other speakers at the conference were Pastors Gordon-John and Mariella Manché of River of Love Christian Fellowship, http://www.RiverofLoveMalta.org, Pastor Joseph Fenech-Laudi of Live Seed Christian Center, http://www.liveseed.org, Pastor Joe Agius of Word of Life Pentecostal Holiness Church, http://www.wordoflifemalta.org, Pastor Jide Jetson of Destiny International Christian Assembly, http://www.dicamalta.org, and Pastor Larry Duca of Victorious Life Church, http://www.vlcmalta.com

The conference also marked the launch of two new publications by Nations for Christ ministries. An Epistle to the Maltese – A History of the Pentecostal/Evangelical Movement in Malta which I wrote, and The Promise of Jesus Christ by Pastor Gordon-John Manche’.

Little did I realise when I wrote my book that its publication would coincide with the 1,950th anniversary since the Apostle Paul was shipwrecked to our shores and introduced Christianity to these islands along with the Pope’s visit. In fact, the book was ready in time for the Holy Spirit Conference and World Book Day, celebrated on 23 April.

This book is actually more than a history book because we are brought from the past to the present and into the future. The unattractive periods of Malta’s Christianity are not overlooked but are sensitively dealt with. I recommend this book to all who have an interest in the ongoing work of the Lord in Malta. The book’s cover with the dove representing the Holy Spirit, the Sea representing freshness over Malta and the burning fire of the Holy Spirit, speaks clearly of its message contained within.

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