Communications students launch THE SCREAM magazine
Posted on April 29th, 2010

The University of Malta 3rd and 4th Year students taking Communications as their Main Area have published the 16th Edition of the magazine THE SCREAM, which is entirely produced by them. The magazine was launched at a dedicated party on Wednesday, 28th of April 2010.

The aim behind this magazine is for university students to have hands-on practice in the many areas they study during their course. The magazine is distributed free to fellow students at the University of Malta and other higher educational institutions on the island.

The class taking the unit Printing Processes that produced this magazine as a project, was divided into three teams: advertising, editorial and production. Each team worked individually and then collaborated, the collective team effort producing the best work possible for THE SCREAM to be an experience readers would like.

The class decided that this year’s articles should be kept short, first of all to allow the production team a greater freedom when producing the magazine and also to ensure easy readability. In fact, the overall product is both visually and intellectually pleasant.

Some articles present in THE SCREAM that might raise an eyebrow or two are: ‘Would you put your pet in the oven?’, ‘What female athletes are known for’ and ‘Playing adults’, while a lighter read might be got from: ‘Sentimental Tattoos’, ‘Jay Zinga’, ‘Rendez Vous with Speilberg’ and ‘Through a child’s eyes’.

One can get copies of THE SCREAM from the Centre for Communication Technology, University of Malta.

For additional information visit the SCREAM website;

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