Appreciation Maria Ghirlando

Peter Fenech, chairman, Manoel Theatre/MCC writes:

The sad news of the death of Maria Ghirlando on March 25, while not unexpected, was nevertheless deeply upsetting to anyone who had ever known her.

Maria had been a member of the board of management of the Manoel Theatre for some 20 years and of the board of the Mediterranean Conference Centre since its recent amalgamation with that of the Manoel.

Maria’s line of expertise was music, particularly classical music, a field in which she excelled. Her knowledge of and enthusiasm for all forms of classical music was both profound and extensive and she was always extremely generous in sharing her knowledge with anyone interested enough to enquire.

Since I became chairman of the board of the Manoel Theatre I had found Maria’s intellectual and artistic input both invaluable and knowledgeable.

Her diplomatic smiles and comments would immediately lead you to her opinion on the artistic quality of any proposal or performance. Her presence at the theatre will surely be missed by all who attend.

In life there are givers and takers; Maria undoubtedly belonged to the former category. But above all else, she was a truly lovely person; humble, compassionate and a delight to be around.

Our thoughts are with her husband Robert, her children James and Louise and the rest of her family at this difficult and sad time.

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