Paying tribute to a dedicated ornithologist
Alfred E. Baldacchino, Attard

I had known John Azzopardi since his late teens when he joined the Young Members Section of the then Malta
Ornithological Society (MOS), which section he led for a number of years.

His dedication and love for nature conservation, especially birds, immediately had an impact on the society. Many owe their
dedication to bird and nature conservation to him. Eventually, we both worked together on the Executive Council of the
MOS, John helping me as assistant secretary. John was also appointed as chairman of the International Council for Bird
Preservation (ICBP) Malta.

John’s dedication, unwavering principles, open beliefs and strong determination were a great contribution to the growth of
the ornithological awareness in Malta. Together we shared moments of great satisfaction, as well as moments of painful

John emigrated to Australia but after 10 years, he returned to his homeland with his family. His love and dedication for birds
and nature conservation were as strong as ever and once again we picked up from where we had left off, though this time on
our personal commitment. Besides ornithological papers, John’s latest contribution to nature conservation in Malta was the
co-authorship of the book L-Għasafar Li Jbejtu Fl-Ambjent Naturali Tal-Gżejjer Maltin.

A cruel illness haunted John for more than a decade, with all its repercussions. A very strong-willed person, he fought back
to the extent that he still continued working tooth and nail for bird conservation. Though his advice and comments were not
always heeded and welcomed, his strong-willed, far-perceiving, practical personality drove him forward on his endeavours in
nature conservation. It was only the cruel illness which managed to stop him early on Sunday, April 11, 2001, at the break of

John leaves to mourn his loss, his wife and his three children, relatives, friends and many colleagues. I have lost one of my
best friends and a strong ally in the field of nature conservation. Last but not least,

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