Cantata at St Publius parish church

After the great success it achieved last January when premiered at St John’s Co Cathedral, the cantata for soloists, choir, orchestra and narrator, Hodon Fjuri lil San Publju, will be repeated at St Publius parish church on Friday, 16 April, at 7.30 pm under the patronage of. Prime Minister Dr. Lawrence Gonzi. The cantata is being presented by the editorial board of the gazette Il-Furjana, the parish church of Floriana and the Floriana Local Council. Entrance is free and the general public is invited to attend. A souvenir commemorative booklet will be distributed to all those present.

The cantata (lyrics by Oliver Friggieri, and music by Ray Sciberras) is being presented on the occasion of the fourth centenary since Bishop Tommaso Gargallo declared Saint Publius patron saint and protector of Malta. It evokes basic Maltese values and reconstructs the Biblical event related to Malta.

The artists taking part are Joan Mangion (soprano), Charles Vincenti (tenor), Albert Buttigieg (bass), Dorothy Bezzina (pop singer), and Philip Farrugia Randon (narrator), The Mirabitur Choir (taught by Simone Attard) and orchestra (leader Sarah Spiteri) will be directed by the composer himself, Mro Ray Sciberras.

The performance of Hodon Fjuri lil San Publju will be a fitting prelude to Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Malta that starts the day after.

This event will be taking place in a fully decorated church renowned for its beauty and just a few hours away from making history when, for the very first time, a reigning Pontiff will cross its threshold on Sunday morning, prior and after the Pontifical High Mass on St Publius Square. The decor of this edifice will be enhanced even more so this year, when for the first time since 1942, a set of seven brand new chandeliers, with their gleaming crystal reflecting all the colours of the spectrum, will be adding splendour to this already magnificent temple.

A CD of Hodon Fjuri lil San Publju produced by the Floriana Local Council and recorded in a professional studio will be on sale.

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