Penguin to publish first Clancy in seven years
07.04.10 | Graeme Neill

Penguin will publish the first Tom Clancy novel in seven years this autumn, a “modern day techno thriller” about the War on Terror called Dead or Alive.

The book, written in collaboration with U.S. Navy veteran Grant Blackwood, will be published by Michael Joseph on 7th December, simultaneously with G P Putnam’s Sons in the US.

The publisher described the plot as following the Campus, a secret US counter terrorism organisation hunting The Emir, a killer who has masterminded some the worst terrorist attacks against the West. The novel features long-running Clancy characters Jack Ryan and John Clark.

Tom Weldon, deputy c.e.o. of Penguin UK, said: “We can’t think of a better Christmas present than the return of one of the world’s greatest thriller writers, Tom Clancy. This will be a huge piece of event publishing.”

David Shanks, c.e.o. of Penguin Group USA, said the latest novel “turns up the tension between U.S. forces and their most lethal rivals.”

He added: “Tom’s genius for telling a story with exceptional realism and cutting edge authenticity are his hallmarks as a writer.

“He has created some of the best known characters in contemporary fiction and has mesmerised tens of millions of readers worldwide with his frighteningly real scenarios. We are very excited to be publishing him again in the fall.

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