Thursday, 1st April 2010

Publisher appointed new PBS chairman
David Schembri

Publisher Joseph Mizzi has been appointed chairman of Public Broadcasting Services, taking over from Clare Thake Vassallo who has asked not to be reappointed due to other commitments.

Dr Thake Vassallo said she decided to step down because of her University commitments, where she lectures English. She promised a good handover to the next chairman so that the work she did in her time would not go unfinished.

Meanwhile, when contacted, Mr Mizzi said “it would be immature” for him “to be giving comments minutes into his appointment”.

Before committing himself publicly to his plans for his new appointment, Mr Mizzi said he first wanted to see if what he had in mind coincided with the broadcaster’s plans, adding that “very capable” people worked there.

The move to public broadcasting will see Mr Mizzi having his finger in the local broadcasting and publishing pies, since he is at the helm of Midsea books, which encompasses Klabb Kotba Maltin, Heritage Books and Patrimonju Publishing.

Mr Mizzi graduated from university in 1987 and supplemented his studies with courses in journalism and graphic design. He worked at the Department of Information before setting up his own company, Mizzi Design and Graphic Services, in 1990, after which he moved to Midsea Books.

Other board members include Josef Grech, Ansell Aquilina, Isabelle Gatt, Kenneth Pullicino and Claire Azzopardi. Joseph Refalo has been appointed secretary of the board, whose term is for one year.

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