Klabb Kotba Maltin has just published a new edition of Oliver Friggieri’s enlarged edition of ‘Dizzjunarju ta’ Termini Letterarji’, a volume of nine hundred pages elegantly printed by Gutenberg Press Ltd of Gudja. The volume has been issued because it has been on demand for quite a long time since it is a compendium of a very large number of of terms which students, scholars and writers need to know in the handling of language..

The dictionary includes all the terms which form an integral part of literary criticism and of the art of speaking and writing in general, whichever the language. Professor Friggieri provides the Maltese form for the first time for most of the terms, and goes into detail to illustrate the meaning through examples from the literature produced in Malta throughout the centuries. Under this respect the volume claims to be also a sort of encyclopaedia of literary writing in Malta.

‘Dizzjunarju ta’ Termini Letterarji’ contains a very wide collection of terms covering all fields of literary criticism, ranging from theory to stylistics, history of literature and practical criticism, as well as terms closely related to philosophy and linguistics. It also includes the terms denoting literary movements and periods in Europe, as well as all the terms describing the nature of metre in its varied forms, all of which are then systematically assembled together as an appendix to the volume.

Professor Oliver Friggieri provides a definition of each term on its own, amd this is done in a manner that the book can be used by students of literature in general, and of diverse standards. The book is intended to be a work of reference to students, scholars, journalists and writers alike. Each term is described in all its essential details, and through examples which make every meaning clear and understandable.

‘Dizzjunarju ta’ Termini Letterarji’ is currently on sale at all booksellers in Malta and Gozo. Professor Oliver Friggieri is the author of numerous books, more than thirty of which have been published in various countries. Most of his works have been translated into numerous languages. He writes in Maltese, English and Italian.

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