Tfal Misruqa

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Arts & Culture — 13 March 2010 — 10:30CEST

“Tfal Misruqa” is a novel based on the reality of missing children and child sexual abuse in all forms.

For Chantal, a psychologist, psychic phenomena is an everyday reality and part of her life. When Chantal is asked to follow Annabella’s case, she is appalled by what she discovers. It is only through the spirit of the missing girl that more is revealed which included child exploitation and child pornography. Chantal finds herself entangled in a web and could only be freed by the missing girl’s spirit.

Marie Anne Zammit is a graduate from the University of Malta in Social Work and in Probation Services and is employed as a Probation Officer. She paints, and writes poetry, novels and articles both in Maltese and English.

Marie Anne is the author of 3 fiction books in Maltese ‘Id-Dell ta’ l-Eżmeraldi’, and ‘Ir-Raġel l-Iswed’. The latter was awarded a prize by MAPA (Maltese Association of Authors and Publishers). This was followed by a fiction book with the title ‘Stupru’ (Rape) and then in English with the title ‘Torn Velvet’. In April 2008 Torn Velvet was exhibited at the London Book Fair at the New Title Show Case.

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