Peters consulting over redundancies
08.03.10 | Caroline Horn

Peters Bookselling Services is consulting over the loss of 26 full time posts as a result of efficiencies in the workplace, said m.d. Carl McInerney. The positions are all involved in book processing.

McInerney said: “We have undertaken a thorough strategic review of our business, taking into account efficiencies driven by new working methods and technology, changing volumes and increased customer requirements for services such as supplier selection.

“As a result of that strategic review, we have increased the number of professional librarians but regrettably, we are proposing a reduction in book processing staff by 26 full time posts (15% of headcount).” The affected employees are based in Birmingham are now in a period of consultation.

McInerney added: “The book supply marketplace has been undergoing a period of unprecedented change over recent years. It remains Peters’ firm intention to anticipate and exceed the expectations of our customers whilst delivering the most efficient service possible.”

McInerney joined Peters in in April last year, after long-time directors m.d. Moira Arthur, and sales and marketing director Peter Sheldon retired from the business. In October he warned that libraries’ focus on discounting at the expense of selection and services “would end in tears” with some 50% of the tender process now focused on discounts.

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