“I am satisfied that a large number of different groups and citizens got together and took to the streets to show their strong disapproval of the Censorship Regime.”

Mark Camilleri, 22, Realta Editor, faces up to 9 months in jail for publishing a story, deemed by the local authorities as ‘pornographic.’

Back in October, this e-newspaper brought to the public’s attention the banning of a University newspaper, following a direct order by Prof Juanito Camilleri, University Rector. The story ‘la Tkisser Sewwi’ by Alex Vella Gera, was first deemed as ‘discriminatory against women’ and later ‘pornographic.’

Since then a ‘Front against Censorship’ was set up with a twofold ambition: to provide support to Mr Camilleri and to change censorship laws, which date back to the 1930s.

On 24 February, a protest against censorship and attended by students and different organizations, was held in Valletta. Ironically, the University student body, KSU, composed of the conservative student party, SDM, did not take part in the protest.

Contacted following the protest, Mark Camilleri expressed his satisfaction at the turnout ofor the protest but also vouched to soldier on. “This was a good step in pressurising our Parliament to change the laws, which are provoking anachronistic acts of censorship and we will of course not end our pressure until the reforms of the said laws will start moving in the right direction.”


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