Books etc goes offline just days after launch
24.02.10 | Catherine Neilan

The revamped Books etc website has been taken offline for maintenance work, after the retailer attracted “10-times” the number of visitors anticipated. The site, which only launched earlier on Monday, is expected to go live again next week.

A message on the page said the team was fixing “urgent issues”, which arose because of “overwhelming demand” for the service. “Rest assured that we will be back as soon as we can,” it added.

Tom Chalmers, e-commerce director and Legend Press publisher, said: “I guess we were quite conservative with what we expected, but we have been inundated since we launched. So we are just ramping up all the support side of the site – we thought it would be best to do it now

“It’s a bit of a pain in the first week, but we are getting so much traffic we thought it would make sense.”

He added general feedback had been positive, with the team receiving good luck messages as well as suggestions and requests for additional services.

Chalmers said there had been “a few” recommendations, such as selling more magazines as Borders had done, that he was now considering. In the period that the site was live, Chalmers added that sales had been made “regularly”.

Any purchases made since the launch will be honoured and any new registrations made will also have been logged.

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