Last issue in 360° series dedicated to mediaeval palace in Mdina

It is almost a miracle that the mediaeval Palazzo Falson, in Mdina, survived with its collections intact.

The original palazzo, which dates back to the 13th century and hosted Grand Master L’Isle Adam in 1531, bears the mark of art historian and art critic Olof Gollcher (1889-1962).

An avid collector of works of art and rare historical items, what he left behind is the best of old secular Christendom in Malta and a sample of Maltese European formation.

After finalising an agreement with the Gollcher foundation in 2001, Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti started the arduous task of restoring the palazzo’s superb collections. These include paintings, etchings, prints, 200 pieces of furniture, oriental carpets, more than 800 pieces of silver, 120 pieces of antique armour and a sizeable collection of fob watches and clocks.

The foundation could not have taken on this major restoration project were it not for the generous financial backing it received from its enthusiastic supporters.

Restoration was only a means to an end to make the museum a live experience, which can only be imagined through the contents of Palazzo Falson 360°, distributed with The Times tomorrow.

It is the last publication in the 12-issue Miranda 360° series. The full collection was printed by Progress Press, a member of the Allied Group, on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper.

The price of The Times will increase to €1 from 60c for tomorrow’s issue.

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