Launching of Book ‘Opening Up’

Opening Up a path beyond fear

The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice together with the Chaplaincy of the University of Malta are organising a book launch on Friday 26th February at 6.30pm at the University Chapel.

With this publication the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice would like to present a series of lectures which help to place the fears of foreigners which people have in Malta today in a wider context. These lectures challenge us Maltese to go beyond our fears and reflect on the tenets of the discourse which is pervading the way we are thinking today. What does it mean to be Maltese? What does it mean to be Christian and Catholic? How can we reconcile our fears with our Christian, or at least, humanistic values? How can we make the leap from a post-colonial mentality marked by fear and isolation towards a neo-European mentality infused by a sense of self-confidence and solidarity? The authors of these lectures are eminent persons of Faith who have a very wide experience of social issues.

The main guest for this event will be his Excellency President Emeritus Dr. Edward Fenech Adami; one of the contributors of this publication.

You are very welcome to attend
Fr Edgar Busuttil SJ

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