Sunday, 21st February 2010

Maltese storytelling sessions on Sundays

Vers Agħtini Il-Kelma Maltija (IKM) is holding weekly story-telling sessions in Maltese for children aged three to 11. The sessions, called Rakkonti l-Ħadd, are held on Sundays at 3.30 p.m. at the Vers Agħtini IKM premises, Munxar Street, St Thomas Bay, Marsascala.

The sessions aim to help children communicate better in Maltese, increase their vocabulary and introduce them to Malta’s literary heritage.

Miriam Cassar who co-ordinates the sessions, commented that “hundreds of parents whose children attend private and Church schools may be very happy that these schools are mainly geared towards the English language”. She admitted this is quite understandable, given that most textbooks and teaching is conducted in English.

“But what happens when these children want to communicate and express themselves in Maltese?” she queried. She said many serious educators confirm that these children will have difficulties when they need to express their thoughts and communicate in Maltese with their family and friends.

For further details and bookings contact Ms Cassar on 2166 7001 or 9922 6186, or e-mail marla@

Due to the sessions’ interactive format only small groups are accepted so it is important for prospective participants to call before attending.

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