The Realtà Collective has accused the university student body (KSU) of lying and not working in the students’ interest.

On Friday, Realtà issued a statement where it said that two officials from the KSU were the first to lodge a report against Realtà newspaper.

During the court proceedings the University Precincts Officer, Mr Joe Pace, said that he had forwarded a complaint to the Rector about issue 8 of Ir-Realtà which was made by two KSU officials, however he could not remember who the officials were. KSU is currently composed of the conservative SDM party.

In reaction, Carl Grech, KSU president said: “KSU denies that any of its officials have reported the newspaper Realtà to the university authorities.”

“KSU is informed that in his testimony, Mr. Joe Camilleri (Precincts’ Officer) never said that it was any KSU official that brought the newspaper to the attention of his office, rather he said that it was some University students that brought it to his attention.”

Mark Camilleri, Realta editor, faces a maximum of nine months in jail for taking an editorial decision to publish a story, which was deemed as ‘pornographic’.

A couple of hours later, Realtà issued a further statement: “It is not surprising that KSU is denying everything that has been said about it in our last press release as it reveals their darker side. We have finally burst SDM’s bubble as it now seems very clear to the public that KSU is not about student rights, education and progress, but about schemes, party politics and theology – mixed with a large dose of lies and fancy-posing.”

“Anyone who doubts the fact that Joe Camilleri, Precincts Officer of UOM real statement in court should ask the Court of Magistrate Audrey Demicoli who is hearing the case. It is quite a pity that the precinct officer has contradicted his statement which he made under oath, as this will only work in our favour. It seems that he has a lot to answer, especially because of the fact that his statement in court has been recorded.”

On Saturday morning, The ‘Front Against Censorship’, held a press conference where it urged politicians to take action against censorship. A national protest against censorship will take place on the 24th February in Valletta.

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