Police deny asking for Nadur lyrics
by di-ve.com – editorial@di-ve.com
Current Affairs — 08 February 2010 — 14:20CEST


The police have denied a story appearing in the Sunday Times which claimed they had asked to vet the lyrics of songs to be performed at the Nadur spontaneous carnival.
The police said that with the cooperation of Nadur mayor Miriam Portelli they had asked for the names of the bands and for the names of the songs that would be played – and not the lyrics as had been reported.

The police said this was done for “genuine reasons” to try to calculate how many people might be expected to attend – in order to make the necessary logistical arrangements – as well as to conform with Regulation 12 of Legal Notice 124 of 1995.

The clause they are referring to, added in 1999, says: “The Commissioner of Police shall refuse any application for a permit or licence for the organisation of any public entertainment where he is not satisfied that the character and antecedents of the applicant, proprietor, or disc jockey are not such as to give sufficient guarantee that no drug or other abuses will take place during the entertainment”.

The police said that they have reconsidered and will no longer insist on knowing the names of the songs.

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