Audio:Siġġu Jaħraq 11-Malta applies to join EU
Posted on February 8th, 2010

The Maltese proportional electoral system, also known as the ’single transferible vote’, does not elect a proportional number of Members of Parliament. What we have is a stop-gap solution, with changes to the Constitution as in 1987 that for a moment solve an impasse. The May 1987 election returned the Nationalist Party to government with the amended system, and this government, with just a one-seat majority, managed to hold-up for five years and win the following general elections with an even wider margin. In the meantime Malta applied to join the European Union. This is the theme of the eleventh programme of of the series Siġġu Jaħraq, a series produced by and Campus FM about the history of the Maltese Parliament. Based on the book by Prof Godfrey Pirotta that charts the 200 or so years of representative politics in the Maltese Islands, the radio series analysis the history of the Maltese Parliament, the milestones, the personalities, the ups and downs, and how it came about in the form we know it today.

The series is made up of 18 30-minute radio programmes that are aired on Campus FM (103.7 FM) and then webcast online. The series started airing in the autumn schedule and the first programmes are now online.

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