Sunday, The Sunday Times, 7th February 2010

Realtà editorial has dig at critics, ‘heroic’ rector
Christian Peregin

A new edition of the newspaper banned from University has sardonically condemned the process and personalities that catapulted it to infamy.

The editorial of the ninth Realtà starts by thanking the people who “contributed to our efforts in publishing this newspaper”, and cynically refers to University Rector Juanito Camilleri as “the most heroic figure”.

Prof. Camilleri initiated the ban at University and filed a police report, which is expected to lead to the 21-year-old editor’s arraignment.

“This great man has done something that no Maltese man has ever done before, and that is lifting up a radical left wing group from the underground, to fame and great popularity.”

The team behind the newspaper was so grateful that they will soon be proposing him for “canonisation”, the editorial says.

They also thanked the beadles of University for cleaning out “page 11” which contained the “filth of Alex Vella Gera” – the author of the short story Li Tkisser Sewwi, which landed the editor in trouble for distributing obscenities.

“If we knew it was there in the first place, we would have removed it ourselves but a communist conspiracy has hijacked our newspaper!”

The editorial also thanked the “Students Lackey Organisation”, in a reference to the University Students’ Council (KSU), the president of which had told The Times he refused to read the controversial story.

The front page of the newspaper shows a caricature of Justice Minister Carm Mifsud Bonnici depicted as a Roman drinking a glass of wine.

There is also a large disclaimer on the front page: “This heretical newspaper is banned from Junior College and cannot be read in the Uninursery of Malta. We are not responsible for any adultery, violence, corruption of mind and law breaking which may result after reading this newspaper.”

However, the rest of the newspaper, available on campus from tomorrow, is largely innocuous, without any conspicuous vulgarities.

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