New Realta’ issue out

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Current Affairs — 07 February 2010 — 15:25CEST

A new issue of Realta’ is out and will be on campus next week, according to its editor Mark Camilleri, who said that the student organisation that publishes it would not be intimidated into self-censorship.
The last issue of Realta’ was withdrawn from campus over fears that one of its articles, by author Alex Vella Gera, could be legally offensive. So far, no charges have been filed against the editor.

This latest issue has taken a tongue-in-cheek approach, with a poster warning about its content. But its content is not explosive – at least not in the same way.

“We never thought that Li Tkisser Sewwi could have been so controversial and through (the controversy) we became more aware of what we could and could not publish. In this issue we had no literature with foul language to publish but this does not mean that we will never again publish literature with foul language. Apart from which, the political analysis we carry out is far more controversial than the literature…

“We are in no way intimidated and we have no intention of self-censoring because of the intimidation of the Inquisition!” he told

He said that the university would not be told in advance about the new issue, which was corroborated by the university.

“The fact that there is a new issue out of Ir-Realtà is news to me. I have not seen it or heard anything about it yet except from you,” Patricia Camilleri said.

“It definitely has not been pre-screened by the University so I really don’t know if it has any adult content in it.”

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