Yellow Pages sponsors tree-planting event

Yellow Pages (Malta) Ltd, a company that has taken an active part in contributing to a better environment in its neighbourhood, sponsored a special tree-planting event on Wednesday 27th of January.

A number of trees including Bougainvillea, Ceris Siliquastrum, Gharghar and Ficus Benjamina were planted in the Marsa Public Gardens, very close to where the Yellow Pages (Malta) Ltd’s offices are situated.

Environmental Landscapes Consortium Limited was entrusted with the provision and the planting of the trees, all of which had a special commemorative tag attached to them.

John Muscat, one of the company’s Directors said that the company believes it is its duty to invest in the environment and in a better quality of life first of all around the locality within which it operates.

This initiative, he said, is just one event from a much wider program which is to be implemented throughout the coming years and which will see Yellow Pages actively contributing to the Marsa locality in a number of different ways.

The tree planting initiative is complimentary to the company’s paper recycling measures which include the annual collection of old directories when the new ones are delivered on people’s doorsteps.

Giving back trees to nature is another way of compensating for the use of paper in the production of Malta’s most popular business directory. The Mayor of Marsa, Mr Frans Debono, who was also present for the tree-planting event, explained that this initiative is an exemplary one and urged other companies to follow Yellow Page’s example.

Yellow Pages (Malta) Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Ark Publishing Group. It has been publishing the Yellow Pages since 1997 and each year distributes 200,000 directories free of charge to the general public. For more information phone 2125 2252 or visit

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