Arthur Miller’s ‘A View from the Bridge’ at the Manoel
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Arts & Culture — 29 January 2010 — 09:10CEST

The US Embassy is supporting the Malta Drama Centre’s production of the popular play “A View from the Bridge” which will be performed at the Manoel Theatre on January 29, 30 and 31.
“A View from the Bridge” is the story of one family’s migration to America. It is a story of the people of the United States, and also a story of the people of the world. This is the story of an Italian family, some family members migrate legally, others illegally, and they are all quickly consumed by the drama of making a new life in a new land while remaining part of their Italian cultural heritage. The story highlights the tensions within and between the more newly arrived migrant community and those migrants who had arrived upon America’s shores somewhat before.

Commenting on the play, Ambassador Kmiec said, “The United States Embassy is proud to support programs bringing American culture to Maltese audiences… This is a story about the melting pot that defines America and increasingly defines the world. It is still relevant today as immigrants continue to escape hardship in their home countries by seeking safety and opportunity in the developed world”.

He added, “While migration is daily news today, it is hardly a unique phenomenon as all of our ancestors have at one time or another sought a brighter future in a new and strange land. Indeed, I venture to say that parents hold dearly to the wish of a better, more satisfying life for their children. This better life inevitably involves ‘loving one’s neighbour in community,’ and knowing who constitutes that community and how to manifest that love is not always self-evident in a world that seems to thrive on the ethic of looking out for.”

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