Mark Camilleri, 21, Realta editor, who is facing a maximum jail term of up to nine months, said he was moved by the unexpected support from the general public.

The young student editor has found himself leading an unexpected ‘front’ against censorship in Malta, after newspaper Realta was banned from the University of Malta after a series of accusation swhich range from discrimination against women, to distribution of pornography.

He has recently been charged under the Criminal and Press code, which could mean a jail term of between three to nine months and a fine of over 400 euros. Moviment Graffitti, Zminijietna, Unifaun Theatre Productions, Realta Collective, Young Labour Forum, the Labour Party, Alternattiva Demokratika as well as a number of readers have all
expressed their support for the young editor.

“I did not expect this hassle,” Mr Camilleri, as he has found himself in the public eye. “But I think people are tired of censorship.” In fact, the Realta case is only one of the many cases in 2009, which ended up in the grip of outdated censorship dating back to the 1930s.

Yet, the implication of the Realta story is perhaps quite serious, since it all started with a direct order given by the University Rector, which questions the role of the University of Malta role and education.

“I’m touched with such support, not for me, but because at last things are changing,” Mr Camilleri told this e-newspaper.

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