Daphne Caruana Galizia dwar il-Każ Mark Camilleri

I hope a good lawyer has offered to take up this case pro bono – not just to get the young man off the hook, but more pointedly to expose the law for the ridiculous anachronism that it is.

Persecuting this kid has got to be the stupidest thing the police and the university have done between them this year. What next – raiding every Agenda shop for books with sex and violence in them?

Doing what China does and partially blocking our access to the internet so that the perverted and the sexually frustrated can’t get into sex sites?

Maltese society has just got to be among the most hypocritical on earth. Go to http://www.alexa.com, the top site for monitoring website rankings.

It gives you the top 100 sites, country by country. There are five porn sites in Malta’s top 100 list, and they’re all actually in the top 55.

The 45th most popular site in Malta is the truly, truly ghastly xhamster.com (”just porn, no bullshit”), which from the cursory glance I gave it before I threw up seems to be porn served up exactly to Maltese taste: nejk minghajr hafna nejk, the sexual equivalent of a slab of fried meat slapped down on a plate with some chips.

It currently features on its home page an old tart giving a blow job to an unhappy boy of about 12. Yes, that’s ranked no. 45 in Catholic Malta tal-femili veljus fejn kullhadd imur id-duttrina. And lest you think it’s a paradox, it’s not. The two are related.

At no. 35, there’s LiveJasmin.com, where desperate perverts go to pant and wank in cyberspace. It’s called a ’sex chatroom’.

Then there’s pornhub.com at no. 36, youporn.com at no. 50 and a porn video site, tube8.com, at no. 55.

To give you some idea of just how many Maltese people use these porn sites obsessively and on a daily basis, which is what pushes them so high up the rankings, amazon.com comes in at no. 51, Air Malta (flight details and online booking) is at no. 60, the Nationalist Party’s news site maltarightnow.com is at no. 83, and Labour’s maltastar.com is at no. 144.

So get this: the Labour Party’s much-vaunted and heavily publicised news portal is at no. 144, but at no. 35 – so very much higher up the rankings – there’s an internet wank-room.

And then the village elders, who probably use xhamster.com themselves and pant with the worst of them on LiveJasmin, go after the 21-year-old editor of a university newspaper.

It’s like living in Salem, Massachusetts, 300 years ago.

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